The artist becomes the artwork in this new piece by Eliza Bennett called “A Woman’s Work Is Never Done.” Using the palm of her hand as her canvas, Bennett stitched the top layer of her skin with colorful thread aiming to create the image of an incredibly work-worn hand. Click to enlarge

For the photographic series 'A Woman's Work is Never Done', artist Eliza Bennett literally creates handstitched artworks using her own hand as a canvas.

anxiety by *beethy

Anxiety by Beethy Photography. this is amazing artwork. as someone who suffers from anxiety, I can tell you this almost gave me an attack just looking at it. This is very accurate.

Open Minded

really-shit: “ Spanish artist Antonio Mora is a creative photographer who transforms simple portraits into dreamy landscapes filled with intriguing emotion. In the series, entitled Dream Portraits,.

Chad Wys

softpyramid: Chad Wys She’s In Pieces archival pigment print in found frame 2011 x x

Burning by Antonio Mora

Antonio Mora's Surreal Portraits Blend Chaotic Worlds in an Awesome Way

ARDENT IDEAS, ANTONIO MORA (aka mylovt) ~ a Spanish artist who combines with talent portraits photographed in various landscapes.

The Khooll

Aneta Ivanova — photography - Here some minimal black & white images from Varna, Bulgaria based photographer, Aneta Ivanova.