Mini jacket potatoes

Mini jacket potatoes

Bake up some new potatoes and top with soured cream and chives for a bite-sized, simple canapé , from BBC Good Food.

Try making these easy, buttery biscuits as homemade Christmas presents, with chocolate chips worked into the dough.


I just love Scottish Shortbread cookies and I found this recipe that I made with my kids when they came down for the summer from Chicago.



Soft and chewy or crisp and crunchy, as you prefer, flapjacks are one of the all-time greats lunchtime or teatime, a good flapjack is difficult to beat.

No-Bake Kinder Bueno Cheesecake! - Jane's Patisserie

A Buttery Biscuit Base, Kinder Chocolate & Kinder Bueno Filling, Whipped Cream, Melted Chocolate, and even more Kinder Bueno! The PERFECT No-Bake Kinder Bueno Cheesecake!


I'm not going to lie I'm rather partial to a good slice of carrot cake