Reflections-art GCSE

Collection by Laura Jones

Laura Jones

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Why does this eye look real? Because the artist shows dimension through reflective light (which is already supposed to be there) without drawing a line.

Pavel Guzenko

Ressam Guzenko Pavel Petroviç 1977 doğumlu. Deneyimli Ressam 1987'den 1991'e kadar sanat okulu,da okudu. 1992'den 1995'e kadar Cumhuriyet Sanat Yüksek Okulu'nda okudu. Beş yıl kadar bir tasarımcı olarak çalıştı ve 2006 yılından itibaren, ve hala bugün muhteşem yağlı boya tablolar yaparak, Kiev,de yaşamına devam ediyor. Pavel eserleri kendine özgü, çok renkli. O böylece görsel bir izlenim yaratmak için soyutlulugun aktarılması ugraşmakta ve renk doygunluğu ustası. Onun kendine has…

Amazing Examples Of Surreal Photography - 39 Photos 15

Surreal Photography: Ideas, Images, and How to Take These Pictures

Surreal photography is pushing the boundaries of what is achievable with a photograph. It's an artistic movement that started in the early 1920s.

reflection drawing

Urmey, Derrico Earn Mamaroneck Rockefeller Awards: June 15

Richard Estes Kentucky Fried Chicken, 2007 Silkscreen with 110 colors

Artist Richard Estes Exhibition, Art for Sale and Biography « Artists « Marlborough Gallery

Artist Richard Estes biography, exhibitions, art for sale, latest news and work. Buy Richard Estes original artwork and paintings at Marlborough Gallery.

Insane idea but insanely effective Mirrored image through glasses


Insane idea but insanely effective Mirrored image through glasses

"Eating Disorder" - Ross Brown photography #surrealism #anorexia #dismorphic

Ross Brown. Photography, CGI Direction, Motion

"Eating Disorder" - Ross Brown photography #surrealism #anorexia #dismorphic

reflective; pinned 10/23/13


eureka tower

" To speak the truth one must know what the truth is and what a lie is, and first of all in oneself. And this nobody wants to know." - G.I. Gurdjieff

Men, break every mirror in the house and tell her she is ugly often!

I was thinking about the true beauty in an ugly woman. I am not speaking of her physical beauty alone but of the whole beauty that makes her a woman. This beauty escapes many women and even more abhor it and seek to derange or modify it. It is one of the greatest mysteries of the world; why a beautiful woman cannot see it herself. It is as if her youth were spent in a house without mirrors and someone told her many times daily that she had no beauty to offer the world. As a man, I am…

ANDREW SALGADO - London-based artist

ANDREW SALGADO is a painter with 14 sold-out exhibitions worldwide. He has been collected extensively and works in London.