Precious yellow lab puppy fast asleep outdoors in the dried autumn leaves.

LABRADOR – Who can resist a lab puppy? ❤ SO cute too tired to make it home, oh well, nap time

Zach (Of hearth and home)

Zach (Of hearth and home)

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Cachorrinhos Abandonados Não Param De Se Abraçar Desde Que Foram Resgatados

Stray Puppies Won't Stop Hugging Each Other Since They Were Rescued - can see the fear in the eyes, and the emotional comfort the light brown one gets from his hugging the little one

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what a sweet, innocent face! is this the image of "puppy eyes"?

Pretty chihuahua in purple

Pin-worthy Pictures of the Cutest Puppies in the World: Awww!

a Chihuahua, Wearing a Purple Dog-suite, Resting on a Purple Cushion, Looking Sideways, Side View : Stock Photo

Cute Puppy

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