Secret Sight Words ! sight word reading activity with paint

Reading Activity: Secret Message Sight Words

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How to spell: top 10 tricks

spelling For this spelling activity the teacher writes a word on the chalkboard and the students write over it with a paint brush and water. This helps the students get familiar with spelling words and helps them practice writing them.

Fine Motor- Handwriting- good activity to support Handwriting without tears

Painting with Water on a Chalkboard. Write letters in chalk and have children use a paintbrush dipped in water to "paint" over. Use different size paintbrushes to adapt for fine motor skills work.

Paper cutting can be introduced to 2 year-olds and should be preceded by kneading play-doh or modeling clay, transferring, tonging, stringing beads, and tearing strips of paper. The direct aim of paper cutting is scissor safety and bilateral hand-eye coordination. Cutting with a scissors is an indirect preparation for handwriting.

Cutting is an important, yet difficult, skill for preschoolers. It’s helpful to have a Montessori-inspired paper cutting activity available to encourage your preschooler's mastery of cutting.

Mark making in a sand-filled tray - from Rachel (",) Love the idea of putting wrapping paper underneath...

Rainbow Colours

Rainbow Mark Making in a Sand-Filled Tray (from Stimulating Learning with Rachel)