Laura Keylock

Laura Keylock

Cheltenham / I love words! Sunsets, & storms, I am a magpie for shiny things, everything that glitters is GOLD. I love poems, & all things unique & beautiful. I love to love
Laura Keylock
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Omg this is amazing! Beautiful words, goosebumps

This is such a beating poem, it comes from the heart. The deepest things in life is what we hold on to. We are scared to let people in our life's causing us pain. But life moves on, and you will find another path in your life.

My mind is an overgrown jungle

my mind is an overgrown jungle - erin hanson

Erin Hanson

Just my shadow in me but for. You worry I'll make sure to tie double knots when your world unravels I'll always be around even if you keep walking-sb