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Seaweed pressings. Sussex Wildlife Trusts Kelp summit
Press progress
This Beautiful Fan Weed pressing is around half way through the process of drying out, but I'm removing the top paper so I can assess how its progressing. #PressedSeaweed #seaweed #SeaweedPressing #ForagedArt #SustainableArt #MarineArtist #SeaInspired #SeasideMoocher
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How to Press and Preserve Seaweed - Gallery - Garden Design
someone is holding a paintbrush and painting some red flowers on a piece of paper
Collecting and pressing seaweed
Collecting and pressing seaweed - YouTube
Framed print of pressed red seaweed in a natural wood frame, representing a DIY coastal decor project. How To Press Seaweed, Oven Tray, Newspaper Paper, Artists Painting, Coastal Art Prints, Beach House Art
DIY Pressed Seaweed Art: A Step-By-Step Guide to Crafting Your Own Coastal Decor"
Unlock the beauty of the ocean with our step-by-step guide on how to press seaweed! Our latest blog post walks you through the process, from collection to framing. Featured is one of our own exquisite pressed red seaweeds, elegantly framed in a natural wood frame. Click to learn how to create your own stunning, eco-friendly coastal decor piece. #DIYSeaweedPressing #PressedSeaweedArt #CoastalDecor #StepByStepGuide #NaturalFrame #HomeCrafts #EcoFriendlyDecor