Map Skills! Perfect for listening to and following directions!

April NO PREP Packet (Kindergarten)

This worksheet would be perfect for Kindergarten or grade students who are learning about maps. I also like how it integrates coloring into the lesson to provide for reflection as they color and match colors with the question.

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Our Local Area Display - Journeys, maps and addresses. Creating story maps or models to represent the location of the places and features they pass on their way to school.

Spark and All: FIAR - Wee Gillis - Learning about Scotland!

I chose Wee Gillis for this week's FIAR read because St. Patrick's Day is fast approaching, and though the setting for this book is Scotl.

Post Office Letter Sorting

Post Office Letter Sorting

Classroom Post Office - One of our classroom jobs is the letter carrier. The students ADORE receiving mail.

Great idea for younger grade classrooms to teach them about the mailing process. Put announcments home, notices, letters to parents, book orders, permission slips or anything else.

perfect way to get numeracy into a post office role play

Count and sort: Number Recognition Activity. Can also be used with larger numbers, shapes, or whatever your child is working on.