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The bridal party in mint wedding dresses

Don’t forget about the back of your dress! Capture the details in a sweet photo with your bridesmaids./ love the bridesmaids dress color for a beach wedding

wedding photography blog: Charissa & Casey August 7 Oregon Golf Club

These guys tied-the-knot at the Oregon Golf Club . I know from our initial meetup that C+C were up for a good time and I can tell you thats.

Wedding photography - The trend is toward a new, more contemporary style of photography. It’s more relaxed, more natural and more artistic than ever. Gone are the old, forced, unnatural looking poses of the past.

Picture with the cork from the champagne toast and rings.

"Picture w/ the cork from the champagne toast. This would be so cute to hang in your kitchen/wherever you keep your wine!" (Too bad that is a wine cork- NOT a champagne cork. But I still like the photo)

You may feel grown up and ready to face the world but this is how your parents will always see you...

Fr I think my mom still sees me this way cause I asked her to print some paper work for me and she labeled the heading (which it did not need one) as her nickname for me smh lol it was a professional paper btw 🙃