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Amazing Architecture Amazing Mesh - Art Deco style design design office design and decoration interior design

claustrophobia.jpg 400×600 pixels

Photography // Shape and abstraction: This image uses negative space perfectly - depending how you interperet it, the negative space can either be the sky because it is less dominant, or the buildings, because they are darker and catch your eye less.

This staircase has a web like structure which could relate to nature or geometry because of the boxy shapes.

Helical stairs or curved staircase is a graceful form in architecture with it’s flowing helix and absent centre column. Check our helical staircase photogallery

Face Cage #braids #avantegarde #hair

What does it mean to be the obedient daughter? I'm fascinated by this veil/cage hairstyle from Milda Cergelyte show 2011


Hair: Antoinette Beenders, vice-president of creative for Aveda Makeup: Rudy Miles Wardrobe: Rod Novoa Photos: Greg Harris

Cool effect to add post-production

Black and white face paint illustrations on the faces of models by Russian photographer Alexander Khokhlov and make-up artist Valeriya Kutsan


Januz Miralles is a Philippines based artist. Nothing cliché As of currently, Januz Miralles