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Diamond Trellis

Plants and their vibrant flora are not the only way to add colour into your garden. Painting exterior garden joinery adds flashes of colour even in the winter.

A fence offers seclusion and a space for a pretty plant's blooms. Architectural details on hardscape elements can add visual interest to privacy elements. Here, a gentle curve keeps the eye moving along the top of the fence. Rambling plants, such as this climbing rose, offer a pretty way to soften fences. The tight weave of the open latticework fence screens the view while allowing for good air movement and filtering light to the semiprivate yard. Grass that runs right next to a fence can…

These lattice panels create privacy in the garden while serving as a sturdy trellis for climbing roses. Simply tie the roses to the panels with twist ties. Arched panel tops and finials on support posts provide attractive finishing touches.