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Work on subtraction in a super fun way with this simple and effective subtraction lego game!

Subtraction Lego Game - The Kindergarten ConnectionThis game is best played with a partner, although you could play it with a small group of students too, as the object of the game is to see who can lose all of their bricks first!

Measurement Inquiry - What a great way to combine math concepts (estimation) with science concepts (volume and surface area)

Measurement Inquiry - For CAP classrooms, this could double in the discovery center with a graph (children put their name under the color they think has the most)-- Use non-breakable PLASTIC jars and hot glue the lids on.

Easter egg balance scale activity. This is such fun way to build math skills with kids! || Gift of Curiosity

Seal easter eggs with counters inside. Have kids guess how many counters are in each egg using balance buckets. Tell younger kids they need to include the weight of the egg, but let older kids figure it out.