Nikos Gyftakis. This is probably my face when Im irritated tbh. SUPER COOL!

WHO: Nikos Gyftakis WHAT: Self- portrait WHAT: oil paintings break down the shape of the face into contours, just like a map breaks down the lay of the land into simple lines.

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REFERENTES: Diseño Geométrico + Fotografía Graphic black and white / geometric inspiration. Remains me the necessary ergonomics to add in our designs.

All That Glitters Is Not Gold - Daniele Buetti (5 Total) - My Modern Metropolis

All That Glitters Is Not Gold - Daniele Buetti (5 Total)

Swiss artist Daniele Buetti combines photography and light, punching hundreds of holes into his images to allow the light from fluorescent tubes to shine through from behind.


The fifth of the Oriental Portrait series Oriental Portrait I Oriental Portrait II Oriental Portrait III Oriental Portrait IV Ayumi Hamasaki - Sparkle M. Oriental Portrait V

Contour Drawing inspired by artist Nikos Gyftakis

This is a typical physical sign of a migraine. Hands on the face protecting the head from further injury.

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