Lauren Griffiths

Lauren Griffiths

Lauren Griffiths
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Pandora Fuchsia Luxury Floral Vintage Duvet Cover

Pandora fuchsia luxury floral vintage bed spreads with delicate flower design. These anti-allergic luxury bedspreads are composed of cotton blend fabric. Pink bedspreads look amazing with pink flower pattern running across soft cotton fabric base.


Such enchanting lights for a wedding. The mix of lanterns and small lights tangled in tree branches is just stunning. We can make wedding lighting! Visit,, we are based in Tuscany, Ideas Photos Wedding

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Keep the Change Laundry Sign - perfect for the laundry room! When you find change put it in the jar then at the end of the week whoever did the laundry that week divides up the change between them! Love this!

Pretty, Pretty, Pretty!

Love this tutorial to turn any jar into a vintage jar from beach house in the city: vintage mason jars diy (Decorated Bottle Food Coloring)

Random vintage bottle caps for my DIY kitchen back splash.

Random Vintage Bottle Caps from Bottle Cap Co offering a huge variety of Vintage Bottle Caps for crafting, collecting and jewelry making. Some Vintage Bottle Caps are over 50 years old.