Lauren💞 Lockton

Lauren💞 Lockton

Lauren💞 Lockton
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I would get this on my back and a lot smaller but still able to read it. But it's not a tattoo I really want buts it's a great idea for one

Narnia, Hogwarts, Neverland, Panem, Wonderland "If you don't know where you want to go then it doesn't matter which path you take" - Walt Disney

wolf woman art ink - Pesquisa Google

With roses, black and white but filled in or faded roses on thigh? Rethink jack skellington ~~~~~ id change the wolf to a lion and have it front view, and have the the flowers as its mane (use birth flowers mixed with roses?


It's your choice to decide whether to drown in your troubles or to courageously survive. Because the harder the troubles the more spirited you become in the end ~The deeper the mud the more beautiful the lotus blooms~

This look is so cool but the jeans stand out the most to me. There great but defiantly a summer look!!!!

if I could find a pair of boyfriend fit jeans that actually fit right this outfit would be adorbs - sell women's clothes, it fashion clothing, clothing outlet stores *ad