Chocolate Cake Shake. Wow, this is decadent... {chocolate cake with frosting, chocolate ice cream, milk, blend, straw} recipe link here

Chocolate Cake Shake

Candy-Box Caramels - what a totally yummy treat! More delicious candy ideas:

Christmas Candies That Put Cookies to Shame

Candy-Box Caramels Make packaged caramel squares a perfect, easy Valentine treat by dipping them in sprinkles, crushed nuts and bits of candy. Drizzle with dark or white chocolate to add even more color.

cream filled chocolate cake

Whimsy Wednesdays 99

Recipe For Cream Filled Chocolate Heart-Shaped Cakes - "Heart Shaped Ding Dongs!" The cream is your heart out!

Sweetheart Chocolate Cake

Sweetheart Chocolate Cake

Served fresh out of the oven, this rich chocolate cake is a perfect treat for your Valentine.

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