'You Blew Me Away' sculpture by Penny Hardy Isn't it interesting to see something made of metal parts be made to look so 'airy' and like they could be blown away at any moment? What an amazing piece!

South African artist Regardt van der Meulen delivers his series ‘Deconstructed’ made out of steel. The series exist of a group of fragmented, sci-fi-like sculptures of human shapes

Looking into the Sky

Great sculpture by Jaume Plensa Jaume Plensa (born 1955 in Barcelona, Spain) is a Catalan Spanish artist and sculptor. He studied art in the "Llotja" School and in the Escola Superior de Belles Arts de Sant Jordi.

Art Sculpture of Geometric Human Body Shapes by Antony Gormley. I was drawn to this and when studying building structures, the geometric aspect is what I appreciated the most

Calder and his mobiles a smashing! Wire sculpture by Calder. At spring break camp we have a calder day.we are totally doing these!

Created by South African artist Marco Cianfanelli, "Release" is a gorgeous monument to a true icon of peace: Nelson Mandela. To mark the anniversary of Mandela's capture by apartheid police in Cianfanelli created 50 columns o .