I'm super keen on these illuminated houses. They'd add a touch of magic to any corner of your home, but this has got to be one of the best ideas for a kids' night light arrangement I can imagine. I'm picturing a mini village displayed on a bureau or a couple of dreamy chateaus erected on a bedside table. Such a clever and simple concept; plus, a snap to make.

DIY House Lanterns

DIY Houses by Night - cut out a picture of a house or castle, carefully cut out windows, and wrap around a flameless candle. So pretty. This would be great to do for friends - with a picture of their house, in black & white or sepia tones

Livre blanc #13 : papier urbain

Livre blanc : papier urbain Awesome paper folding/ cutting to create pop uo

Lauren, I need you to save me some milk cartons for this!

Magic Paper House light by Hutch Studio. Can this be done as a DIY project?

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Pap(i)er Fashion on Display in Zurich Museum

If It's Hip, It's Here: Pap(i)er Fashion At The Museum Bellerive. Paper floral headpieces created by Katsuya Kamo for Karl Lagerfeld's CHANEL Haute Couture S/S 2009 Collection, photos © CHANEL

Beginning Always 2010 by Emma van Leest - paper, foamcore and glue  http://www.emmavanleest.com (I am in awe of this artist's technical precision.)

Hand-cuts Intricate Paper Patterns by Emma Van Leest. Australian artist Emma Van Leest turns a simple sheet of paper into a magical visual story. She hand-

An ostensibly grand city is in fact composed of 2D, cut-out components that are glued together- by Nadine Spencer

London Design Festival 2011

Nadine Spencer features in which she uses printing and cutting techniques to change the appearance of the mountboard. The city is in fact composed of cut-out components that are glued together.