So I love this bouquet in the shape and style and texture. I think the color is a little off in the coral direction than we were talking, but what do you think about this look? - W Coral peonies, tea roses, mini phalaenopsis orchids

pretty arrangement

Tulips~~I love this arrangement. I love the colors. I love the vase. I love it all!

Wisteria . . . lovely, lovely Wisteria

i want things that smell nice :: they come as trees or vines :: wall of wisteria


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This is a beautiful reception table for an outdoor wedding. The sunflowers are just beautiful! If I'd had a fall wedding, I would have had sunflowers.

lovely arrangement.

Santa Barbara Wedding by Beaux Arts Photographie + Brooke Keegan

Pastel color bridal bouquet I love the pale pastel shades in this bouquet. You can use light pink or peach color peonies, ranunculus or cabbage rose. Beautifully captured by Beaux Arts Photographie