Paint or draw while lying in supine to develop shoulder stability and wrist extension

painting like Michelangelo. Instead of just having sketching time- discover and study Michelangelo, how he hanged upside down while painting. This is also great for students struggling with fine motor hand writing. It builds strength in pincer grasp.

10+ Ideas for using tires in your Outdoor Space

Sand and water table idea outdoor 20 mud kitchen ideas in mini decoration 2 with outdoor kitchen mud kitchen inspiration best of

Still loving these trays/shelves attached to the walls outdoors at Puzzles Family Day Care. Useful for all sorts! (",)

This small outdoor space has several sections with inviting stations for children to explore. A city landscape prop was created in this station for children's pretend play - Puzzles Family Day Care Environment.

Outdoor Classrooms provide a place for children to connect to nature. With so many areas where children are told "no" to the diverse ways th...

Inside Outside Michiana: Low Cost Outdoor Classroom Alternative Tips - Love the milk crates for different types of natural materials!

natural elements for play (happyhooligans) @Stephanie Close Close Close Wise could do pics for your rock loving girl!

Sandbox Ideas - easy sandbox play and storage solutions

soooo muuch cuter than any of the playhouses i built as a kid lol

Very simple play house. Oh my gosh, this reminds me of a mini version of Jill's "Party House". How amazing would it be to have a playhouse that doubled as a tribute to that happy little space?

Creative Ways To Recycle Plastic Bottles Into Useful Things.links to tons of creative tutorials for recycling plastic bottles!

Another awesome take on the #diy 2 liter bottle -> planter project.

DIY Plastic Bottle Hanging Plant Vase DIY Plastic Bottle Hanging Plant Vase by diyforever very cool idea