Net's for 3d shapes

garland made from paper shapes. i think we'll make a "paper sculpture" to hang in the boys' room I ♥ mathematics {platonic solids garland}

Make It: Do-It-Yourself Faceted Candles

Make It: Do-It-Yourself Faceted Candles

Paper gem garland backdrop

GEOMETRIC BACKDROP The effect of this geometric curtain by French Knot Studios is particularly heady because at first glance may seem static but if you run a l.


Present & Correct team, created these beautiful paper pieces titled Jar No. Jar No. and Jar No. each of which are beautifully encased in glass bell jars.

Stand alone 3d shapes

DIY Geometric Paper Ornaments - Set of 8 Paper Polyhedra Templates - Classic Palette


Geometric Origami