Children and Chalked Wall No.4 - Joan Eardley

Children and Chalked Wall by Joan Kathleen Harding Eardley Oil & collage on board, x 74 cm Collection: Kirklees Museums and Galleries

'Andrew With a Comic' (1955) by Joan Eardley (British 1921–1963)

Andrew with a comic by Joan Eardley born May 1921 in Warnham (West Sussex), UK died August 1963 in Killearn (Glasgow), UK

Summer Sea by Joan Eardley

Summer Sea Joan Kathleen Harding Eardley Royal Scottish Academy of Art & Architecture

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Joan Kathleen Harding Eardley, RSA (British, Sleeping Child - Yellow 22 x 27 cm.

This pictures is very simple, although the use of contrasted colours (yellow,red,blue) and the black outline helps show specific building detail.

Joan Eardley - The Scottish Gallery, Edinburgh - Contemporary Art Since rough sketch - captures the basic form and structure of the building

Joan Eardley, "Sleeping Child," c.1962, pastel on sandpaper, 8 5/8 x 10 3/4 in, Private Collection

Joan Eardley, "Sleeping Child," pastel on sandpaper, 8 x 10 in, Private Collection

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Joan Kathleen Harding Eardley: Artist: the artistic documenter of Glasgow's urban urchins