Under the sea jellies for my ocean reading corner!

Under the sea jellies for my ocean reading corner! Easy to make: paper plates, watercolors, hot glue, assorted ribbon, and googly eyes!

handprint boat...will be perfect for when we do a week on boats in our transportation unit!

Preschool Crafts for Kids*: Thanksgiving Day Mayflower Handprint Boat Craft- do on a long piece of paper with 3 ships for Columbus Day

Turn a pallette into a sail boat - or pirate ship. Great for a sandpit or den.

This is brilliant! And so simple! (For old pallets in the yard!) Wow, this would have been the location of so much play wguyhen I was a kid. We did so much An old pallet! pretending to be in the middle of the ocean, or lava, or what-have-you.

Numbered shells and glass nuggets - from Rachel (",)

At the Beach

Make a trail of gems. Transfer from bowl to dotted line. Ship to the treasure.

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