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Tucked away to the right at the end of the kitchen are the washer and dryer. Robertson originally was going to close off the area as a separate laundry room but later decided to keep the space open. The vertical window brings in additional natural light a

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Shipping container bedroom easy conversion for hotel rooms. CHANGED MY MIND, WANT A NICE BEDROOM NOW. ok, this bedroom + ensuite can be my build. and can be 'connected' to other container by canopy

Alpha Tiny House

Alpha Tiny House 0023 Garage Door is great Idea. Don't know how it would work in our environment. Would save space on the end of my TH.

small bed or reading nook

Over 32781 people liked this! Love cute little cozy nook beds or window seats. Perfect for a kids' room or reading area. Looks like a great place to curl with with a cup of tea and a good book! --A hobbit hole reading nook!

Built in cabinet at the end of the tub!

My soaker tub is set up identically to this. Instead of my wrought iron shelf, I would love to do a built in. I've also been torn with beadboard vs. tile for the front of the tub. Turns out I love the beadboard and its cheaper!