Cotton Ball Painted Snail Paper Plate Craft

Preschool and kindergarten kids love this snail paper plate craft. Make your own cotton ball painted snail paper plate craft with our easy instructions.

Snail and the whale

43 Creative Paper Plate Craft Ideas

Julie Adama posted Paper plate snail craft with tissue paper squares. could also have students design their own snail shell after looking at different kinds of snails! to her -school planning- postboard via the Juxtapost bookmarklet.

Spirals                                                       …

We read this great book called " Swirl by Swirl" spirals in nature by Joyce Sidman. With all of our talk of dots, lines and shapes we thoug.

Fun post on let snails and how you can use them to introduce science

Looking after Snails

Fun post on pet snails and how you can use them to introduce science. (Just be sure not to introduce foreign snails to your area, or they could be invasive!

Vowel Combinations:  "ai" = Snailgreat art project! Clay and pasta shell!

Pasta snails from painted pasta shells and a rope out of dough. Instructions are not in English

Spirals and loose parts discovery bin.

Pattern and Shape provocation - Adventures in Kindergarten: Discovery Time cutting