It's Nice That : Food and objects come together in Dan Cretu's bonkers, brilliant work

I blend food sculpture with photography. I am open for wholesale inquiries and other requests, such as larger photographs, canvas prints, and any other ways you would like my art to get to you.

Food Sculptures Made with Fruits and Vegetables by Dan Cretu sculpture food. Is it food or is it art?

These quirky sculptures from Dan Cretu are crafted entirely out of food to resemble the most average of household objects. Read more: Dan Cretu Transforms Colorful Food into Playful, Edible Sculptures

Awesome Food Sculpture by Dan Cretu

Awesome Food Sculpture by Dan Cretu

Photographer Dan Cretu Whips Up Tiny Sculptures Made From Food Scraps

Photographer Dan Cretu Whips Up Tiny Sculptures Made From Food Scraps

Playing with food – The latest funny and offbeat creations of Dan Cretu

Food Sculptures by Dan Cretu

Coup de coeur : les food sculptures de Dan Cretu

orange peel trainer

Sculptures by Dan Cretu Photographer and visual artist Dan Cretu recreates everyday objects out of fruits and vegetables. With his sculptures, Dan transforms common everyday eatables into recognizable.

Dan Cretu: Food Artist

These weird sculptures, designed by Dan Cretu are created only out food in order to look like the average objects every lazy penguin has at home – as a result

Food art by Dan Cretu

Incr-edible! Sculptures of everyday objects made entirely from food

How can you just sit there chewing, content with your sad, conformist sandwich? You could be turning your food into ART.