Finally! Something to do with all those bits & pieces that kids seem to shed.

shout out to the boys

Great Idea for a kid's room! Take a bunch of cheap toys and glue them to a mirror or picture frame. Tape off glass and spray paint all same shade! Fun mirror or frame for a kids room!

Mirrors & loose parts. The Inspired Child

Mirrors & loose parts can provide a pleasing environment to begin a school day (Via The Inspired Child)

Offer a distorted view of reality at your Halloween party by gently curving inexpensive mirrors.

Fun House Mirrors How-To

Warped Mirrors offer a distorted view of reality: Gently curve a couple of inexpensive mirrors (concave for a skinny look, convex for a fat one), and secure them to foam board.

Reflection; fun; child's play; distortion; perception vs reality; perspective; clarity "the boy and the distorting mirror", rotherham, 1960, by john chillingworth

John Chillingworth The boy and the distorting mirror, Rotherham, July 1960

Patchwork OD . . . love the colours used in this image, make for a vibrant and fun bedroom scheme.

thinking it might be fabric that has been decoupaged to mirror frame.Maybe pick 1 or 2 fabrics instead of

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