2016:01 Transparent Art

On the PaperArtsy Blog from Jan 3rd to Jan 17th the Topic is Transparent Art. We will be exploring UTEE, Acetate, vellum, glass, mica sheets, ie anything see…
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a close up of a card with a painting on it's front and back side
a close up of a piece of paper on a wooden surface with lace and flowers
a person is holding some glass beads in their hand and the words the leandra bead above them
The Leandra Bead
The Leandra Bead
a pair of scissors and a piece of jewelry hanging from it's hooks on a white tablecloth
THe Leandra Bead - Google Search
THe Leandra Bead - Google Search Upcycling, Origami, Diy Beads
THe Leandra Bead - Google Search
a person holding a toothpick with some liquid in it
THe Leandra Bead - Google Search
a person holding a piece of broccoli in their left hand, with other things on it
DIY Thin Resin Pendants and Ornaments. make a wire frame. stick wire to clear packing tape, sticky side up. Pour in resin. Drop in little beads. Harden. Peel off tape.
several different colored rocks on a white surface with the words alcohol like glass gems written below them
Alcohol Ink Glass Gems
Alcohol Ink Glass Gems Tutorial
a person holding a dandelion in their hand
Beautiful Weeds: Preserve a Dandelion in Resin
After a successful Kickstarter Campaign, the Dandelion Collective has been producing these gorgeous paper weights made from dried out dandelions and clear resin. Each weed is carefully hand selected, dried, and preserved into a perfectly polished sphere of cast polyester resin, with a small flat base so it doesn’t roll …
three different views of an open tin with food in it and the bottom is empty
Commission: Blue Lobster and Axolotl Altoids Pond by PepperTreeArt on DeviantArt
Blue Lobster and Axolotl Altoids Pondby Bon-AppetEats Altoids Chewing Gum pond tin with a blue lobster, a tiny school of fish, and an axolotl. Details: The lobster, fish, and axolotl were handmade from polymer clay. This means the animals are NOT real. The water is a clear resin. The substrate is sand and small stones. The plants are made from moss.
there is a small vase with flowers in it
How-To: Shrink Plastic Flower Head Pins
How-To: Shrink Plastic Flower Head Pins - Craft Test Dummies
a woman's face surrounded by green leaves and writing on paper with words written in it
Mixed Media mosaic "Whisper in the Woods"-SOLD
Mixed Media mosaic "Whisper in the Woods" 8x10 mixed media mosaic, acrylic paint, recycled clear glass, stained glass, tempered glass, wire, shrink plastic...by Sharon Kelly of Glass Garden Creations