2016:05 Art Dolls

Mar 6th-20th, 2016 on the PA blog we are exploring the topic of Art Dolls. Be they flat, dimensional, fabric, tin, glass and more, come and see what our…
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three mannequins made out of cardboard are hanging on a wall
DSCF1643 | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
an assortment of old timey items hanging on a wall with chains attached to them
Assemblage dolls by Jeanette Janson.
a tin can that has some kind of decoration on it's head in the shape of a woman
Tinmen Archive
a close up of a stuffed animal with big eyes and a bow around its neck
Creepiest dolls ever. LOVE. NEED. NOW. It's SO fucking cute. All I need to know to love this is that the eyes and teeth are artificial, coz, you know, they kinda look real, real as taken from some embalmed animal :(
an odd looking stuffed animal wearing a party hat and striped dress with skulls on it's head
Monster Mim will be at Stranger Factory this Friday for In Shadows
https://flic.kr/p/ALZbse | Monster Mim will be at Stranger Factory this Friday for In Shadows
three stuffed animals are dressed up as clowns with hair on their heads and legs
Stitchgasm – Junker Jane’s Monster Dolls
Junker Jane's Monster Dolls
a stuffed animal that is sitting on the ground
Monster Gemma
Monster Gemma | Art Doll by Junker Jane
three ceramic figurines sitting on top of a chair next to a pillow and pillows
Jenny Doh's Blog :: Archives
a clock made out of wood and chains with a star on it's face
New Doll Family
assemblage doll: Star
a statue of a woman in an ornate dress
Надежда Соколова - by Nadejda Sokolova
an altered photograph of a woman's face wearing a crown
Art Doll Artist Trading Block. Mixed Media Art Doll Collage THE QUEEN
ATB - Artist Trading Block. (3D ATC). Mixed Media Art Doll Collage by IMGirl
an assortment of antique items are displayed on a white background, including tins and other objects
Assemblage Art Characters
Assemblage art characters--I like the way these items are recycled into really interested sculpture!
three pieces of art hanging from strings on a white wall, each with different faces
April Cole
:: art dolls :: could do an exquisite corpse in this manner
a silver and black sculpture with spikes on it's head, hanging from a wall
ASSEMBLAGE ART DOLL - Mix media assemblage, Mix media art doll, Found object art doll - Lala
ASSEMBLAGE ART DOLL Mix media assemblage by CastOfCharacters23
the perfect Fairy companion. Natal, Angeles, Ange, Noel, Natale, Weihnachten, Kerst, Jul, Resim
Maygreen Fairies
the perfect Fairy companion.
a mannequin is dressed up in white
Winter Show 2011 – The Art Shop & Chapel
ayne Lennard The White Witch (Narnia) Mixed media 63 x 54 x 12cm
a doll sitting on top of a table
Steampunk Bride
Steampunk Bride mixed media doll
a wooden doll standing on top of a table next to other crafting supplies and tools
Made a Lily - Step 7
Clothespin Doll tutorial...Piccalilli Days: Made a Lily - Step 7
a wig with curly hair is being held up by a person's hand on a mannequin head
wig tutorial (FairyWoolDolls Blog)
wig tutorial - FairyWoolDolls Blog
a person is working on wire work at a table with plates and utensils
My Weblog
class making wire cage dolls with china tea cups and saucers. Wish there was a tutorial.
a clock made out of money with a tower like structure in the middle and a man's head on top
Paint Brush Art Doll - Pebo
Carla Trujillo-paintbrush doll
a doll hanging from the side of a wall
Doll assemblage
Altered Dress Form - Steampunk - by Linda Cain via Marjie Kemper's Tuesday's Texture blog series, Week 31 http://wp.me/p3h5Xm-2OP Bijoux, Steampunk Art, Mannequin Art
Tuesday's Texture # 31 - Featuring Linda Cain • Marjie Kemper Designs
Altered Dress Form - Steampunk - by Linda Cain via Marjie Kemper's Tuesday's Texture blog series, Week 31 http://wp.me/p3h5Xm-2OP
two butterfly shaped purses sitting on top of a piece of paper
The Art Doll Anthologies-by Mary Jane Chadbourne - an online class summer of 2013 on Artful Gathering!
a hand made doll is hanging on the wall
girl and bird
girl and bird this girl has a keeper of secrets on her shoulder.
a colorful doll with long hair and beads on it's head is standing in front of a yellow wall
Aurella by aMused Creations, via Flickr
a small house made out of books on top of a desk next to pens and pencils
"Nest" by MJChadbourne/Desert Dream Studios...from my online class this summer!
a clock made to look like a woman's face on top of a wooden stand
"The Time Keeper", from the Imaginarium class coming this summer!
three sculptures on display in a room with white walls
Lisa Renner - wonderful mixed media art dolls ...BTW,Check this out: http://artcaffeine.imobileappsys.com
three stuffed animals sitting next to each other on top of a black surface with an old clock in the background
Finders Keepers Mixed Media Primitive Monster Art Doll Blue | Etsy
Finders Keepers - mixed media primitive monster art doll blue with brown eyes. $195.00, via Etsy.
four ceramic figurines with words written on them
Mixed Media Paper Mache Angels Class
beautiful paper mache angels
the doll is next to some sewing supplies
experimenting with dolls : a workshop at squam
ann wood doll workshop : : experimenting with dolls : : at squam art workshops (Fall 2016)
a colorful statue with a crown on top of it
Sign In
Mindfullness ... by Laura Haviland
a statue of a woman in a dress on top of a wooden table
☥ Figurative Ceramics Fascination ☥ Olga Kostina
a doll sitting on top of a table next to a stuffed animal toy in her lap
Mauve and Maurice
Abi Monroe - Beautiful art doll!
three different views of the inside of a skateboard with various stickers on it
Stuffed Canvas Dolls by Guest Artist Connie Fong - Somerset Place: The Official Blog of Stampington & Company
Learn how to make stuffed canvas dolls two different ways [On the Blog] with guest artist Connie Fong. Click the pic for the step-by-step tutorial.