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Just a little thing for my photography project

Just a little thing for my photography project

Lemons by Anna Atkins, botanist http://en.flossmanuals.net/digital-foundations/ch011_scanning/_booki/digital-foundations/static/DigitalFoundations-Chapter07-453px_Lemons_photogram-en.jpg

Lemons photogram - Photogram - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Fire Shifters - Beautiful // I have seen a person who can do this, and let me just tell you flatout that it's amazing. Gorgeous to watch. Entrancing.

Different Styles of Juggling With Fire. Now I wanna juggle fire. *stamps out frantically and then runs away* but fo real, firebending

Foreboding Forest Photography - The Forests of Romania Shot by PhotoCosma is Eerily Alluring (GALLERY)

The Surreal Forests of Romania-These lovely, ethereal photos of mist-filled forests were captured by brothers Andrei and Sergiu Cosma of PhotoCosma who live and work in Romania