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Tan sofa blue green grey wall

Took advantage of it to snap some quick pics of the living room with the new(ish) monster sofa.

Upcycled Furniture / awesome idea! #upcycle #upcycling #upcycled #furniture #sustainable #design #sustainability #green #eco #friendly #moorbi

Art License Plate Table ~ A pallet, wheels and some license plates.this would be a great use for some of my grandpas old license plates getting-crafty

newfy love

this photo pulls at my heart strings so much. I would be quite the happy camper if I had a photo of Phaneuf and I like this. (photo by erin vey)

Best Dogs Ever, Love Newfoundlands!

Newfoundlands (newfies) My favorite breed, such gentle, loving, giants! Miss mine so badly. He was beautiful, shiny black hair with curls.