candy necklaces

Retro candy-Growing up riding the Sugar Wave!

I LOVED wearing (and eating) candy necklaces! I ate so much of these one time, I got sick! Omg do I remember these.

Push Pop!! Don't push me push a push pop. I remember trying to lick these into a really sharp point.

Guloseimas que nos deixam morrendo de saudade

Push Pops pop when you push them. This delightful candy is just plain fun. Kids love the action of Push Pops candy and will come back again and again.

Walnut Whips ... they used to have a walnut in the bottom as well .. OMG I love them so much.

Still remember my first ever walnut whip! We bought a load from Tradex, a cheap shop near us! They were quite expensive as a single item so I always wondered what was special about them!

Strawberry laces- we used to call them shoe strings.

Strawberry laces- also came in grape! They sold these at a candy kiosk at Alameda Mall in Houston TX in the

Flavored Sugar

Tom's Foods - plastic candy-filled fruits - I remember getting these little plastic fruit containers filled with Pixy-Stix-like powdered candy in my stocking every year for Christmas

UK - Cadbury's CurlyWurly -Curly Wurly- 3p chocolate candy bar wrapper - 1970's by JasonLiebig, via Flickr

UK - Cadbury's CurlyWurly - we got loads of these as Dad worked for Cadburys and the factory shop sold all the seconds off cheap. Curly Wurlys must have gone wrong a lot because we seemed to get loads of them. Not Curly Wurlys again Dad!

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I had one of these stuck to the inside of my pillow for a secret midnight snack.

Nostalgia - 70's UK Snacks. You can still buy these in Australia

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