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There was a total of approximately 59 BILLION animals killed solely in the USA in 2009 and there's still idiot out there denying that humans are by far the stupidest & dangerous of them all.


Sir Winston Churchill – – British politician who served as the indomitable bulldog Prime Minister during World War II. His inspiration and tenacity served to solidify British willpower during the German bombings of

Retro British Flag Watches. Love these.

Product Name:Retro British Flag Watches color:red/Light brown/black/coffee Dial diameter: Header thickness: Table Bandwidth: Weight: Header Material: high quality alloy plating bronze Watchband meterial:leather

Charming 600 year old stone village in the English countryside

Beautiful eco friendly village in England! These homes, built entirely from natural materials, are over 600 years old. Click Like if you would love to live there! Green Unity For Nature And Animal Liberation