Lovely outdoor blackboard set-up (",)

The outdoor chalk board could be cool in the secret garden. Outdoor chalk board would be great for our kids, whilst covering up the old wooden fence

Sensory Garden (",)

Children's Sensory Garden Veggie garden to help cut costs down on food! Kids can help maintain it.

The Sandbox Chronicles: Box of 'pea gravel' instead of sand (",)

How To Build A Sandbox: Part 3 (The Rock Box Remix

Okay - totally rethinking the sand box! We have the perfect spot for a rock box under the play fort. I always hated how the sand tracks in the house, anyway.

More toadstool logs (",)

MamaMoontime: Outdoor Playground Ideas- love decorating up the logs- too cute. we have plenty laying around- maybe even paint the one in the play space!

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