Bottle Cap SNAKE ☀CQ #recycle #upcycle

Bottle Cap SNAKE ☀CQ all i think of is Toy Story and theres a snake in my boot

These cute bugs made from bottle caps are so easy as a craft to make with the kids!

Make Bottle Cap Bugs

Upcycle old bottle caps into a fun, summer kids craft! You and your kids can make your own bugs using bottle caps, googly eyes, glue, and a few other embellishments.

"Egg-streme Bugs" What You'll Need: 1 egg carton; tempera paint (red, green, black); paintbrushes; glue; googly eyes; pipe cleaners (black and brown); white tissue paper; craft needle or push pin; scissors; markers; hot-glue gun, tissue paper (optional)

8 Creative Egg Carton Crafts

Repurpose empty egg cartons into bugs! A little paint, a few pipe cleaners, and googly eyes (glued on by Mom or Dad) instantly turn an egg carton into a cute critter.

Bottle cap spiders...i made these several years ago with 2 liter bottle caps. I cut the pipe cleaners in half and hot-glued them, individually, to the inside edge of the cap. I put the small jiggle eyes on the outside edge rather than top. The hang well on the packaged spider 'webs' as well.

incy wincy spider- bottle cap spider craft by Silly Eagle Books Oh my goodness, for all those left over bottle caps!

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DIY Bugs Egg Carton Craft - to make it accurate, have all legs coming from thorax and add antennae Have plenty of cartons to use.

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