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Leigh Michelle Sylvester
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My ex was a deadbeat. But I never said that to my daughter. I told her he had problems but he was a good man who loved her and would be with her and care for her if he could. She had a pic of him at her bedside her entire life. She grew up feeling loved by two worthy parents because my daughter deserved that!

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Trying to pretend he is a dad to look good for the rat faced wife, lol.

Nobody will catch on . You didn't walk out on them just their mother.

BAHAHAHA we've had this convo with the friends already hahahaha... & he wonders why he cant afford child support #sadTimes lol

Jason Meeder Heflin Alabama deadbeat pay your child support and stop buying your homewrecker girlfriend donuts.

Dead+Beat+Dads+say+stuff+like+ "I+miss+my+kids+so+much"+ &+"I+love+my+kids"+but+ have+yet+to+be+involved+ in+their+kids+lives+and+ then+expect+the+ mother+to+jump+when+ he+says+he+wants+to+ see+them.

Deadbeat Dads - Dad - fatherhood quotes - father quotes - single mom - life of a single mother

narcissistic father

Narcissistic Father - when dad uses the kids for his own narcissistic supply. My son's face this

Mother, you have been caught red handed and still you thought I would believe your lie when you tried to lie about your lie.....I'm not a fool

Unfortunately, you can only lie to me so many times before I just have to assume that everything yo usay is complete bullshit. That's sort of how that whole cause-and-effect thing works.

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Free, Confession Ecard: They should stop referring to it as child support when it is really a small donation towards a get out of parenting free card.

Exactly how you make me feel... I hope I never feel like this

What hurts the most if that you didn't care like you said. You should've said no, but you didn't. Because you didn't love me. Actions are louder than words