Motivational quotes from my favorite youtubers they r nicer to me than the people that own me

Not people people that influence us in a bad way or make us feel Bad about ourselves. Love Joe Sugg and everyone else!

Zoe it's your birthday!!!! I cannot tell you how much you have changed me over this year! Other than beauty tips you have given me great life advice and taught me how to do my passion, makeup. Because of you I want to be a makeup artist when u grow up and you are just so inspiring! I love you sooooo much and just keep being yourself thanks so much Zoe and happy birthday!!!❤️❤️❤️

Storm & Hale (A Teen Wolf/Supernatural Crossover Fanfic)

Zoella Quote Be the best you, not what others want you to be

I know this isn't a picture/images of Zoella or her products but it's a quote that has her signature.

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Zoella | Autumn Style | Pinafore & Plaits

Autumn Style

Zoella reveals the one thing that has helped her anxiety

Zoella reveals the one thing that has helped her anxiety

A2 Poster

'I didn't choose the Sugg Life. The Sugg Life chose me. All posters are now signed by Zoe and Joe.

Shes amazing and definitely one of my favourite youtubers

“ I’m therefore really excited to announce that I’m launching a book club with WH Smith which is coming into stores from early June (WOOHOO).