Guacamole | Vegetarian Recipes | Jamie Oliver#dcAOuGsGGEOGTJPb.97#dcAOuGsGGEOGTJPb.97#dcAOuGsGGEOGTJPb.97

Classic guacamole

Jamie's classic guacamole - a perfect (and super quick to make) accompaniment for your chilli or other mexican dishes.

Nando's Inspired Syn Free Spicy Rice — Slimming World Survival | Recipes | Tips | Syns | Extra Easy

Nando's Inspired Syn Free Spicy Rice

Homemade Churros - HappyFoods Tube

Homemade Churros

Have you ever tasted authentic Spanish churros? If not, put them on your bucket list or make these homemade churros to satisfy your sweet tooth!

Afternoon tea churros | BBC Good Food

Afternoon tea churros

Move over doughnuts - these Spanish-inspired piped puds are dusted with cinnamon and served with British clotted cream and jam, from BBC Good Food.

Jazibe's recipes: Tortillas de Harina / Flour tortillas

Tortillas de Harina Flour Tortillas (wheat) (this are NOT to be confused with CORN tortillas. Corn tortillas are made with MASECA, this .

Pickled Red Onions | The Café Sucre Farine

Pickled Red Onions

Butterflied Turkey with Yucatan Rub | Recipes | Food Network UK

Butterflied Turkey with Yucatan Rub

Look at this recipe - Butterflied Turkey with Yucatan Rub - from Food Network Kitchens and other tasty dishes on Food Network.