the white shelf with the art makes for a lovely gallery-in-rotation, which is perfect for Etsy print collectors to move stuff around without hammering into the wall each time I decide to change things up!

8 Great Living Rooms & Why They Work

Living room interiors inspiration \ grey walls \ gray walls \ grey sofa \ mustard yellow accents \ white floating shelf with picture frames

Our Brooklyn apartment

Our Brooklyn apartment (A CUP OF JO)

White and grey living room with pops of pepper & lemon and use of geometric patterns to add character and personality.

Grey - Living room_ A monochrome look with a little sunny yellow in the living room is a nice way to bring the summer indoors.

A Manual of the Mollusca

theartfulgene: “Nautilus is one of the best examples of the logarithmic spirals found in nature. Famous mathematician Jacob Bernoulli said that logarithmic spirals are a symbol of “fortitude and constancy in adversity, or of the human body, which.

Green and white living room with fireplace | Living room decorating

Green and white living room with fireplace

Original archival hand colored pattern plate for James Sowerby's "Mineral conchology of Great Britain. 1810-1845

adventures-of-the-blackgang: Plate Pattern Plates for the Mineral Conchology of Great Britain c.