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Peter Wileman artist..

Official website of Peter Wileman PPROI RSMA FRSA, Seascape/Landscape artist. Seeking atmosphere with light and colour in varying degrees of abstraction.

The predator project: The mirrored sculptures were installed as part of the town's regeneration scheme and to convey the changes that have occurred in the landscape over the last few hundred years

The 'Predator' project: Artist creates disturbing mirror sculptures that make human forms blend into their surroundings

Project: The 'Predator' project Artist: Rob Mulholland Location: Scotland. Contemporary artist Rob Mulholland designed the series of six mirrored statues to make people think about man's impact on the surrounding landscape over the centuries.

by Helena Wierzbicki

Artist: Helena Wierzbicki Painting ""Numinous emotions" 2012 I could do this outline :)

Gallery Embellisher

Planting theme Gallery Embellisher Maggie grey A piece of textile, using different types of media.

Paul Kenton artist - Taxi Lights, Artmarket Contemporary Art Gallery

Paul Kenton's 'Taxi Lights', uses cold tones to evokes a dismal tone throughout piece despite there being inclusions of red and yellow (amber) to subtle spots of warmth to the piece. It overtly creates a miserable, and dark association.

gail brodholt

Late Night On The Northern Line by Gail Brodholt - The Rowley Gallery - Fine Frames & Fine Art since 1898 - Kensington, London

chinese landscape - Google Search

Also, Chinese landscapes. Spring-Cascades A beautiful Chinese landscape painting. good ideas for print and garment designs