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Evangeline Marceau
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Why would you think that Sherlock fandom runs faster than Doctor Who fandom! <<haha speaking as one whos both of them, WHO CARES I GONNA GET MOFFAT AND KICK HIM

Seriously, I have an entire fleet. And within each ship there's at least one or two escape boats just in case the main ship sinks.<<< "escape boats in case the main ship sinks" If I am understanding this correctly.

The Stages of Fangirling: as demonstrated by Jennifer Lawrence

pretty much. This is worse than a zombie apocalypse! Next thing u know, girls are raiding bookstores and kidnapping guys to become their fictional boyfriends! It's sick! xD)<< that is a wonderful description.

This is very true…

"We fell in love with the talent, not with the body: explanation of love for actors. Benedict Cumberbatch and Tom Hiddleston and Martin Freeman and Matt Smith - Sherlock. AND David Tennant!" WE FEEL IN LOVE WITH THEIR SOUL