love tattoo

Love temporary tattoos

LOVE word tattoo (the font is AWESOME) - If I ever got a tattoo, I would get this and/or maybe a tiny heart. LOVE this.

Aztec feather without the birds

aztec / feather / birds tattoo design I don't think I would get this because it is so big but it is beautiful!

#Tatoo #Alive

Until now, we’ve shared several tattoo ideas but we must confess this one is our favorite one. Sometimes one word explains everything. One word sums up it all. One word makes your whole story and you want to ink it on your body.

Tattoo / Little Heart on Finger / #tattoo #little #heart #line #ink #black #hand #finger #red #nails #hand

Small tattoos are so non committed but this is cute, and I like the placement. Small heart on inside of ring finger.