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Desu Design displayed their sleek surface line at this year's BKLYN Designs, but their real show-stopper at the show was their cutting edge Inversion bowl. Composed of a single slab of eco-friendly,

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Porcelain and Glass Fusion

By fusing of porcelain and glass, Misa Tanaka has created some vessels called, Shizukana Sora (Quiet Sky), taking second place in this years Takaoka Crafts Competition in Japan. Shizukana Sora by Misa Tanaka, Second Prize at Takaoka Crafts Competition

Eeva Jokinen

“ Eeva Jokinen “Rice grain porcelain is an old ceramic method. The wall of an object is first pierced through with a sharp tool. After the biscuit firing the hole is filled with glaze which melts into the hole in the later firing creating a.