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This hanging ornament portrays a fierce eastern dragon in flight through the air above your bed, its tail wrapped around the pentagram with dangling black stone it clutches in its claws. This dreamcatcher is made of cold cast resin with exacting detail. The sinew of its wings and the tiny barbs of each scale are clearly visible. Measuring a span of 7" between its wingtips and 9" in length down to the bottom of the black crystal beneath it, this dreamcatcher comes on a 9 1/2" chain for $17.95

Dragon/ Pentagram dream Created as a dream capture, this hanging ornament depicts a fierce eastern dragon in exquisite detail, clutching a pentagram between its claws as it dangles over your bed and protects your dreams.

Dragon Tattoo by Evgeny Kopanov

Dragon Tattoo by Evgeny Kopanov