Homemade Welsh Cakes with orange butter

Homemade Welsh Cakes with orange butter - "A delicious little cake flavoured with spice and dried fruit, baked on a griddle and best served warm and sprinkled with sugar. A real Welsh treat.

Close up of Crempog on a plate

Kicking tins down streets, cheeky songs and begging for ingredients: the Welsh flip out for pancakes. Try our recipe for 'crempog', a Welsh pancake.

A bowl of lamb cawl

Cawl - is a traditional Welsh stew and depending on your location in Wales, Cawl will be made in many ways. If you are inland or up in the hills you will get served lamb or mutton cawl where as on the coast you will get seafood cawl.

A sliced loaf of bara brith

A sliced loaf of bara brith - traditional Welsh fruit loaf, perfect to snack on whilst watching the Euro football!

Welsh onion cake

Welsh onion cake

This is Welsh comfort food at its finest - layers of sliced potatoes and soft onions cooked together until sticky and golden, from BBC Good Food magazine.

Rarebit toasts

Rarebit toasts

Tried this recipe with wholegrain mustard, white cooking wine, and extra mustard spread on the sourdough bread.

Crisp potato cake

Crisp potato cake

This side dish is one to bring to the table with pride - it looks as good as it tastes! From BBC Good Food.


Creamy scrambled eggs

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