Full Moon screeprint - A4 - gold ink on black paper

Full Moon screen print, gold ink on black paper by Sabrina Kaici

Full Moon "La Luna" Print Recovered Vintage Image to Frame. $22.00, via Etsy. // it's a VERY lovely store - worth checking out.

Full Moon La Luna Print Recovered Vintage Change to La Lune and make it a blue tattoo

Mountain Scene No. Limited Edition Screen Print - 5 colour Hand pulled silkscreen print from a limited edition of Signed, dated and

John Hoyland Pink Block on Green (New York Suite) 1971 Screenprint 66 x 92 cm Signed and dated; numbered from the edition of 100

Jessica Bell - Portage!Portage! isa seriesof eight mixedmedia workson paper describing going from onespot on a map to another. (22" x 30" each) 2013

Jessica Bell Each child cuts a stencil shape and has a roller. Lesson is rotating around the room creating a collaborative work. Looking at shape positive and negative shape, layers, colour mixing etc, wet paint could pose a problem.

Abstracted Woodland 2 Wallpaper from the Paper Bouquet Collection - Natalie Ratcliffe Gum Arabic and Silk Screen Print

Consider working onto different surfaces such as thus mixed media piece. Mountains Screen Print - Kris Johnsen

Mountains Screen Print - Kris Johnsen I could use my brusho to make some gradient and universe back grounds to print on

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