Creamy Butternut Squash Pasta

Yummy Butternut Squash Pasta Recipe with Parmesan, Nutmeg and Sage- not as good as a leftover, but it was great to have as an interesting and unusual side dish.

Kit Kat Skillet Cookies from #recipe #cookies

Kit Kat Skillet Cookies are a quick and easy cookie baked with everyone’s favorite crispy candy.

Five Spice Gammon

A gorgeous Slimming World recipe for Five Spice Gammon. Serves 4 Syns 1 per serving for the whole recipe) Ingredients 2 tsp Chinese powder 4 x gammon steak cut i…


Simple Teriyaki Chicken and Rice Bowl - delicious! Your favorite Japanese inspired dish all served together in one bowl.


Are you fed up of eating the same meals on your Slimming World diet? Here are 5 great syn free slimming world recipes which all use beef. Save your syns for naughty treats and eat tasty filling meals