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How to make a rope ladder | Build rope ladders | Hen and Hammock

Make your own rope ladder.-instead of lumber, i'm thinking bamboo, the ladder for towels in the bathroom

How to build a lean-to shed roof.

To Roof Do you want an extension on the side of your home? To keep your car undercover or somewhere to take of your dirty shoes? This lean to roof extension is a cheaper alternative to a full house extension, as i was searching the web on how to build…

Picture of BBQ Grill Brick AR1970F

BBQ Grill Brick outdoor grills make a great centrepiece for outdoor celebrations.

These polar bear paw cupcakes are easy to make and they look ADORABLE! They'd be great for a Christmas party, teddy bear picnic, or as a fun winter treat!

Polar Bear Cupcakes made with Junior Mints and Peppermint Patties cake decorating dessert birthday animal kitty paw print woodland woods outdoors girl boy

White Chocolate Christmas Trees make for a pretty and complicated looking treat. They certainly make a wonderful addition to any Christmas treat plate!

Are you looking forward to the holidays until you think about the task up putting up the seasonal lighting?