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How Long Till The Revolution of 3D Printing? – infographic

Printing Infographic - How long until the revolution? - printing or "Additive Manufacturing" is where a physical object is created from a virtual model by laying don successive layers of material - If you can design it a printer can build it

Skyfall Blu-ray scene selector

Skyfall Blu-ray scene selector

Skyfall Blu-ray audio menu

For the latest James Bond film, marking 50 years of Bond, London-based Less Rain was tapped to create strikingly beautiful interface design and moving image work for the Blue-Ray and DVD releases.

Skyfall Blu-ray play menu

The ambitious project was completed in a single month. All stakeholders proved to be extremely happy with the end result, with final sign-off being received from Sam Mendes, the director, as well as Barbara Broccoli, the film’s producer.

Skyfall Blu-ray  main menu

Skyfall Blu-ray main menu

Skyfall Blu-ray introduction animation

In late Less Rain was asked by Fox to develop a concept for the Skyfall Blue-Ray and DVD titles.