masks. Thanks @Robert Goris Goris Leach

Rope masks

Dutch designer Bertjan Pot accidentally stumbled upon the concept of these rope masks when he was trying to sew a carpet out of standard rope.

Cat Mask eyes

surreal and whimsical cat portrit photography , I would love to make one and just stand silently on a street and see everyones reactions Cat Mask eyes

DIY paper mache animal helmets

My sister and I decided to make papier mache heads a couple of weeks ago. Papier mache is really fun and easy to do, we just needed to buy s.

cactus costume

Halloween Costume Advice from An Expert Art Quilter - Quilting Daily

Marc & Emma

Yeti's by Emma de Swaef & Marc James Roels. That is the cutest thing in the world.


Photo (Britta Nickel)